January 6, 2010

10 Must-Have Qualities for Business Success

There are distinct qualities that separate seriously committed entrepreneurs who win BIG from everybody else in the pack. The good news is that leaders are not born, they´re made. The list below is designed so you can quickly learn from the best leaders of our time, and model after their success.

1. Ambition and Drive.Giving you the energy you need to hurdle obstacles and tackle the seemingly impossible tasks. Unstoppable determination bringing you through the rough times when all hopes seems lost. Perseverance by holding onto the vision/mission/core values of your business/life. Giving you the energy to evaluate each situation in an objective manner, always pulling you in the right direction.

2. Disciplined work ethics and high standards for quality. This includes traits suck as honesty, integrity, and a concern for people. When you put your all into everything you do with an emphasis on quality, you will essentially be putting your personal seal of excellence on your products or services. In you pursuit of obtaining quality, focus on "Being Effective". This means you are doing the RIGHT things, and therefore focusing your energy in the right direction. 80% of your time should be focused on "running the business" instead of allowing the business to run you.

3. Courage & Action-Orientation. When you are Optimistic enough to take risks that others are unwilling to take this will set you up for huge returns. Be sure you evaluate all aspects of the situation and take educated risks, but the the risks! If it did not take courage, then everyone would be doing it. Courage is not a felling. Its a decision. True courage is pushing forward, even though you may have experienced a setback or a "failure" the last time you tried something new/different. If you are not afraid of "failing" you will posses the ability to continually take risks until one of them turns into your endless pot of gold.

4. Self Confidence. Otherwise known as "The Right Attitude" in every aspect of your business and life. This is probably the one trait that is fundamental and critical for long term success. It allows you to adhere to the fulfillment of your goals every minute of the day because you are confident that you will obtain the results you seek.

Evidence of a truly positive and self-confident person is seen in personal responsibility. Blaming is not a self-confident person's vocabulary. Positive people are proactive in everything the undertake. They don't blame the economy, bad luck, a bad relationship, the weather, "unlucky" situations, the market or their employees. Proactive people figure out how they can personally change , instead of focusing their energy on where others should change.

5. Servant Leadership. The ability to make decisions, regardless of popular opinion in accordance with your business vision, while inspiring those around you to follow through on the direction you set in motion. (Some call this "Delegation" I prefer to call it "Inspiration". Think about it. Do you like to be Delegated to, or Inspired?) The leaders whoa re able to make sound decisions at rapid speed are those who know what the "end result looks like". They have seen the finish line, and know the excitement of crossing it first. Servant leaders are those who come up beside their team members where ever they are, teach those people how they can cross the finish line and experience the same joy and excitement as if they had crossed the finish line themselves.

6. A Creative mind. The ability to "think on one's feet" is critical if your are committed to a high level of success. The ability to change when necessary. Controlled Flexibility is a key component to success. There must be structure and systems in place right from the start in order to create a self-sustaining operation and to ensure you are not simply "changing for change sake".

7. A complete understanding of your gift/strengths/talents and behavioral style. When you know yourself better than anyone else, you will be able to control the situations you allow yourself to be involved in. When you know others better than they know themselves, you will be able to take the right approach when working with them.

This will give you the advantage, because you have accelerated your knowledge and now have the edge you need to succeed in all your business transactions. (If someone else knows you better than you know yourself, you will continually find yourself "in a mess" wondering how you got there.)

8. The sincere desire to understand and help people, putting their needs above your own. When you find unique ways to help enough other people WIN, you will get what you need as a result. Discover ways to give other people what they are seeking in an entertaining style, and you will set yourself apart from your competition.

Positive relationships in all areas of your life will accelerate your business success. In this day and age, "soft skills" are more important than technical skills, especially for business owners. (If you get it right in the small areas of your life, you'll get it right on a larger scale as well. The results you experience in your personal life will be multiplied in your business life, whether positive or negative.)

9. Kick it up a Notch! Gain and maintain a positively high level of belief for everything that is possible. Set lofty goals and expand your personal vision for what is possible. The leaders who set and evaluate their goals regularly are the ones who achieve more than 92% of the population combined!

Once a goal is obtained, high achievers raise the bar incrementally again and again. They are not afraid of failure because failure for the common person is just a learning experience for an achiever. Achievers continually set goals despite the uncertainty of whether it looks at the time like they can accomplish the goal or not.

10. Giving Back. The companies who give a minimum of 10% to worthwhile charities or causes, and contribute to their community will be the ones who experience and over abundance of blessings in their business - often from unexpected sources. This is fundamental law of finance that has been proven time after time. These are the people who attract clients to them instead of always "marketing to clients" trying to chase clients down.

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