February 18, 2010


I am amazed at the negativity around me at times. It seems as though the only news is bad news and people just love to dwell on it and increase the misery in their lives. If you are on planet Earth you have seen this to. Imagine if the news agencies tried to report mainly the good news of the day. What effect would that have on the outlook of the entire world? Personal Development / Self Improvement is the only way for us to achieve this peaceful state in our own lives.

The first thing we must all do to begin any type of change in our lives is to silence the noise. So many times we get so accustomed to the constant drone of distraction that we don't even realize the toll it takes on our lives. There are cultures in the world that find some of the most remote places around to build temples of solitude so they can connect with powers greater than their own. Where is your fortress of solitude in your home environment?

Today society is so fast if we are not careful we will miss many opportunities in our lives due to the state of confusion our busy lives keep us in. Opportunity will not stand and yell at your door and sometimes it won't even knock lightly it will just pass by. That is why it is so important to find peace in your world no matter how chaotic it might be.

My favorite time to focus is early in the morning before the roosters are awake usually around 5:00 AM. I find the time productive for really getting focused on my current goals, projects, and writing. It is important to spend quality time alone and in a quiet place so you can recharge your mind. The human mind thrives on being fed and this type of feeding is of the utmost importance for you to grow.

Like I said in the beginning there is enough negativity in the world so keep your thoughts on positive things. Begin to let the world that is become what you would have it be and you will create a different world for yourself. This is not the power of positive thinking even though it is it is not the power of connecting with the divine even though it is truly it is the simple process of programming your mind. What better way to program than with positive uplifting thoughts that will be able to propel you towards your dreams without having to worry about baggage.

If you don't already spend this time alone to recharge from the onslaught of the day I suggest you start today even for 20 minutes. Find the time for yourself in your busy world to recharge your thinking and life will be more complete. Look for the beauty, opportunity, and the hope in everything for by that simple action you will have made the world a better place even if it was just in your mind.

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