September 4, 2010

“You Don’t Need A Job” – Jamal Bryant

Everyday billions of people around the world go to a job that they can’t stand. And because they are going to a job that they cannot stand, they are wasting their gifts, their talents, their abilities, their bodies, their time, their brains, their skills, and their anointing.

It is an aeronautical fact that if you build a plane and put it in a hanger, but you do not fly it and just let it rest in the hanger, after several years of sitting in the hanger idol the motor will be no good.

Consequently, conversely, if you build a plane and let that plane fly with frequency around the nation, around the world, that motor would in fact need service and maintenance, but it will be in better condition than the one that stood still.

Ladies and gentlemen I want you to understand that the reason why the plane flying is in better shape than the one that is standing still is because the one that is flying is operating out of its purpose. But the one that is sitting still is starting to erode because it is not functioning in the purpose in which it was designed.

Many of you within the sound of my voice are falling apart, and the reason why it is that you’re falling apart is because your job is a hanger. It is not allowing your ability, your skill set, your gift, your talent to fly. It is just keeping you in a cornered office and you have in fact placated yourself into convincing because of a paycheck you’re happy, when your mind is not working.

Ladies and gentlemen, we spend a third of our lifespan on a job. One-third of our lifespan is spent on a job. On average, to the people who I’m talking to today, you will spend this year 2080 hours on a job. Most of us will have a 40 year career span. If you have a 40-year career span, mathematically that then equates to you spending 83,200 hours on a job you don’t like.

That is, ladies and gentlemen, when you look at your day, you spend 10 hours a day at your job; 8 hours a day on average sleeping and you only have 6 hours a day free. So you spend more time in your day doing something you don’t like than you do in your day doing something that will in fact help discipline and cultivate you.

You have to make up in your mind, ladies and gentlemen, that you spend too much of your time doing a job that you don’t like. God did not put you on this planet to be miserable; he put you on this planet to prosper, to have dominion and to have authority.

As a consequence, you’re going to have to change your thinking as you approach your job.

We are in fact designed in the mind of God to live abundantly, not sufficiently, and most of our jobs are just making it sufficient for our existence.

So if you are in a job that is giving you an adequate pay… You ought to be operating at a level where you are producing something that affords you a lifestyle to be in abundance.

87% of people do not like their job
50% do not feel satisfied or fulfilled
25% of you say that your job is the #1 stress factor in your life
41% of you are living from paycheck to paycheck
70% of you are not motivated by what it is that you do
50% of you are woefully underpaid
67% of you are in the wrong field
72% of you are in a place where you are being undermined so you will not succeed

You were not born to be in a permanent job situation. If I stood up in front of you and held up a coke bottle, the coke bottle would represent your life. But if I then brought clay and told you to cover the coke bottle, you would in fact cover that coke bottle as best as you could, but no matter how many coats of clay you put on the coke bottle, the clay would now take the shape of the bottle.

The problem is this: the coke bottle is your job, and you have shaped your life around your job. So as a consequence your job dictates when you take vacation. Your job tells you what time of day that you eat. Your job suggests to you how many hours you need to put in order to be motivated. Your job then tells you how much time is put in before you can retire.

Now it’s interesting that everything that is created understands that…
Cars work; chairs work; your watch works; planes work; money works; computers work; TV’s work; dryers work; lamps work; but you want to get a job!

The End

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it triggered something in your mind so that you can see a little clearer now that You Don't Need A Job!

To your success,

Dante Walker

(310) 925-2201

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