December 4, 2010


This post is for Network Marketers.

One of the most important things we do in Network Marketing is help people get free by breaking away from the bonds of office politics, nepotism, rush hour traffic, and someone controlling a very large percentage of their waking hours.

We can offer them an environment based on empowering people. Becoming successful by helping offers reach success. Getting free by helping others get free. But this is also the area that hurts the most people in our business…

So I’m sharing this lengthy post about the subject and I’m asking you to make sure everyone on your team reads this today.

The biggest mistake I see in the business is people leaving their jobs too soon. As soon as someone equals their job income, they want to leave it. But that’s a mistake. This forces them to live out of their MLM business, instead of using their income to grow their business. And when you have to sponsor someone just to meet bills, that creates stress and a very negative energy.

Better you keep your job and work even more evenings a week. Sacrifice for a season to grow the business and pay off your bills. The best scenario is for you to be debt free, extra money in the bank, and earning even more from your MLM business than your job. Only then is it time to quit the job.

So here’s my advice: Write your resignation letter NOW. Then put it in your wallet or purse.

Read it every morning. Read it when you’re having a hard time at work. Read it when you get home from a meeting at 1 am and have to get up at 6 am for work the next day. Let it drive you. Then one day soon, you’ll be able to hand it in.

Dear (insert cheap boss name here),

As I’m sure you know, there have been turbulent changes in the economy and this has affected us all. In response to these factors, our family has been forced to make some restructuring changes and some positions have been eliminated. One of those positions is mine.

I can no longer afford to work here. And because of the difficult economic times, I am opening up the position for someone that doesn’t have a dream. It’s time for me to leave, so I can live mine.


(Your name)

Please really do write your resignation letter today and let it pull you toward freedom. And encourage your people to do the same. But counsel with them and let’s not have anyone leave their job until the time is right for them. Then and only then are we really helping people get free.

I personally left the corporate america 5 months ago to work as a entrepreneur in the MLM industry, I made myself a promise that so many people will be writing this letter or similiar ones and leave Corporate America for ever.

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