December 14, 2010

Your Health Choices Can Help the Economy

Every now and then I give up playfulness to be serious. Yes, I coach individuals to become healthy almost as much as as I have sex with my wife, but I'd like to tell you why more of you need to enjoy the orgasmic experience of helping others get healthy. We need more of such coaching to improve our economy - yes, your job and especially your freedom. 

Our medical care costs in the USA reached a point in 1991 of 6% to 9%, so we became non-competitive for manufacturing and we lost our manufacturing base. We will lose our service and educational base by 2017 when this reach 12% to 16%, as predicted. America will be 2 to 3 times more expensive as Europe and developed Asia because we have twice to three times the chronic disease, and all but 2% of these chronic diseases are due to 4 factors (genetics is only responsible for the 2%). That’s right, medical cost is one of the reasons (more than salary differentials with Europe and middle-class Brazil, Japan, India and China) for the USA’s economical issue and has us become non-competitiveness for jobs.

But 78% of our medical costs is due to 4 factors you control—tobacco use, physical inactivity, food choices, and lack of stress management. $1.3 trillion (yes with a “T”) of our expenses are reducible to zero if we, as individuals, take charge of those 4 factors. And we have reached a turning point—that was reached back in 1991 where we must take control of this situation so that we can become a profitable Nation and retake these jobs and our competitiveness. This all starts one person and one coach at a time.

 The influence of your food choices, moderate physical activity, vitamins/minerals, supplement intake, and the non-use of tobacco products can control your moods, sleep, pain levels.

Here’s the summary on what you can do to promote economical and job growth in America. You already know how to avoid tobacco (and, yes, joint smoke is 4 times as bad as tobacco). Meditate, walk 10,000 steps today, avoid the 5 food felons ( hydrogenated oil, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, enriched flour, bleached flour) and consume preventative medication. Yes, YOU control whether America economy improves snuffing out tobacco, physical inactivity, the 5 food felons, large plates, and unmanaged stress.

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